About Us

Long Standing History

Trajia Investments (Pty) Ltd, established in South Africa since 2000, is a highly recognized fashion retailer and distributor with over 35 years of experience in the industry.

The company’s core business is focused on exclusive fashion retail and distribution in Southern Africa. After building long standing relationships with fashion retailers throughout South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho we endeavour to grow our distribution network across the entire African continent. With a strong presence in Southern Africa, our company has successfully established long-standing relationships with fashion retailers in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Lesotho. Our goal is to expand our distribution network beyond Southern Africa and establish partnerships with fashion retailers across the entire African continent.

Who We Are

The company is owned and managed by the Trajia family. The company currently has a staff roll of 80 employees. The group is centrally located in Johannesburg, with the company’s head office located in the East Rand.

Trajia Investments (Pty) Ltd currently have secure agreements in place to distribute international brands the likes of Roberto Botticelli, Kaporal, Gas Jeans, Cruyff to mention a few in southern Africa.

 All warehousing, sales and distribution is handled in-house to ensure the seamless and efficient processing of all brands.

Our centrally located showrooms are situated close to O.R. Tambo international airport to ensure the convenience for all our local and cross-border clientele. 

At present the company operates 21 retail stores across South Africa, comprising of the multi-branded Crossover stores and the mono-brand boutique, Vialli Jeans. The stores are located in the country’s premier shopping malls.

These destination malls attract not only high-income South African consumers but also an ever increasing number of tourists. The company has established a unique status in the retail sector, making it a sought-after tenant for many large property companies.


The company’s mission includes delivering world-class products and the development of international brands in Africa and also providing a lifestyle for the Affluent and aspirational. The company focuses on delivering high-quality products to meet the needs of the global market. The company prioritizes the delivery of premium products and the establishment of renowned international brands in Africa. Their dedication extends to providing a luxurious lifestyle for the affluent and aspirational.


The Crossover group wishes to build on its core strength and experience , enhance real expertise , achieve operational excellent and cement its stays as leader in the fields in which it operates. To accomplish this goal, the Crossover group focuses on continuous improvement and innovation across all aspects of its operations. To further solidify its position as a leader in the industry, the Crossover group prioritizes staying ahead of the curve through ongoing refinement and cutting-edge advancements.


The Crossover group recognises the importance of relationships and people within the business arena and we therefore strive to honour all those whom we deal with by adhering to the highest standard of this integrity and professionalism Our commitment to integrity and professionalism sets us apart in the business world. Customers can trust in our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in all our business dealings.

Our Brands